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Building a Healthy Home – Indoor Air Circulation And Settings Space Based Solar

Modern Villa Tropis when will build the house, everyone would expect if the house is built it will be called a house meeting and a beautiful, healthy and comfortable. For the beauty aspect of course is relative, because a person is usually not the same views when it came to the beauty of the building. But when it comes to the health aspect, usually the standard is uniform. In this case, we probably would agree if the house is healthy it meets se…


Building a Healthy Home

Health House House and health are two things that are an integral part in the life of modern society today. That’s why housing construction continues to be associated with health requirements. That is for residents of the house protected from various diseases, especially infectious diseases. Health is no longer just a doctor problem, designers / architects who planned to stay home also has a role to improve the quality of health of the hou…