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Tiny Home Artistic Design

…or over near room service, washing, and drying. Now the design room service, laundry, and hanging, bedroom and bathroom and kitchen maid dirty placed in front of the house, adjacent family room overlooking the carport. Views artistic home does not require expensive materials. The wall is of brick and stone walls of exposed brick with a settlement or a combination of stucco or kamprotan with careful workmanship and neat, or can also use the steel…


Build Residence Character With Tropical Modern Houses

…h, banana bark) with creative and appropriate to make the building a long life, low maintenance, and provide value-added tropical exotic building as a whole. Connect the progress of industrial technology (precision, cold) and artisan culture (natural, warm) make it look more warm house and give the building a character. Making void and void distribution in a proper and equitable functioning of tropical climatic maintain the smooth circulation of…