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Town House Minimalist for Modern Residence Character

…aracter more clearly (the shape and geometric space, simple), better (solid), and more ly with the empty spaces (little ornaments and furniture). Minimum to be objective as well as ornament itself is simple and pure. Straight lines, smooth planes sometimes rough, and meeting areas elbow perpendicular. Blocking mass, materials, lighting, repetition, circulation compact, multifunctional space and sequential optimization. The use of efficient, pract…


Healthy Environment For Your Home

…market vulnerable to crime, the risk of air pollution (odor), and the mounting trash. The location near the industrial area at risk of heavy plant air pollution, water, and sound. The location near the region of high voltage lines are also potentially affected by pollution of electrical energy and electromagnetic fields harmful to long-term health. Siteplan The concept of urban residential and environmentally sound settlement should be in harmon…