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Changing Room Size Using Color

…om, choose darker colors that warm. This will create a mood / impression of the room was warm and dark colors will bring an intimate atmosphere in the room. If you do not believe, try to coat your walls with the color of dark pink or dark gray, then switch the room lights are dimmed, or if necessary set intesnitas light at the level of 20-30%. You’ll prove that what I write is true:) To make a room seem airy and open, white or light colors…


Home Decorating With Flowers

…e his depression. If you want a softer color or muted, blue is a good choice because it has the effect of increasing the reflection as well as relieve stress. To give spirit and relieve tired, use the orange flower. The color pink also provide peace of mind and frees you from anger. While the white color is a symbol of purity but also provide peace in your heart. Various media can be decorated such as tables, walls, lighting chinese lanterns, and…