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Three Dimensional Dome Audio

, The involvement of the audience, as if he were in the middle of the frenetic stage musical. Or like being part of a scene of a movie, especially a movie that has a lot of bearing three-dimensional sound engineering three-dimensional or 3D. One of the most unique is the work that introduced electronic giant LG. The South Korean company is introducing an enhanced three-dimensional sound with audio dome technology. Posts 3D audio complements…


Healthy Environment For Your Home

…but how to create shade in the environment around our own homes. Tropical Modern Houses After studying the atmosphere, the next step is to check the availability and quality and adequacy of drinking water, water obtained from taps, hand pumps, or pumping machinery. Is experiencing water shortages, especially in the dry season. Do not underestimate about garbage. Learn how to manage and transport waste, whether administered alone or in temporary s…