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Australian Youth Social Media Addiction

…am Bullock, one of the therapists who also offered to treat those who are addicted to social media. According to Josh Guest, director of development mobile app b2cloud Australia, more and more mobile phones can be used to access the Internet makes access to social media easier. “The trend now is to desktop computers are being abandoned people. 54 percent of users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile.” Guest said….


Building Healthy and Comfortable Bathroom

Do you want or perhaps are building a bathroom? What first comes to mind when you want to build or renovate a bathroom? The first, and absolute, is the guarantees of privacy and health. Construction bathroom must also be sturdy. Second, the comfort when you are in it. Third, access to the bathroom it should be easily accessible by all residents. These are the basic criteria of the public. Still there are some additional measures, such as what de…