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Town House Minimalist for Modern Residence Character

…igh-tech. Plain or textured exposed concrete on the walls of the house, wide glass windows a little, or no connection. Frame buildings of concrete to steel. The roof of clay tiles, shingles, to steel plate. Staircase and rope suspended from plate steel, lightweight concrete, to the folding stairs. Plain wood without ornament, only polished or painted, still widely used for frames and doors and windows. Frame of durable aluminum that also has many…


4 Ways to Avoid Cyber ​​Crime

…site. The difference lies in the site address. For example, there is a site with the name Such sites are used to steal usernames and password of its victims. If you get an e-mail contains a link of the suspicious, you should immediately delete the e-mail. 4. Up-date hold your antivirus. Antivirus today not only serves as a blocker and malicious killer programs. Antivirus can also be used to protect you in internet acti…


Building Healthy and Comfortable Bathroom

…the bathroom floor, a minimum of 2 percent to the discharge of water (floor drain), so that no stagnant water in the bathroom. 8. Avoid using too frequent use of acid to clean the bathroom floor for the sake of environmental sustainability. If some of these additional criteria can be met, it seems you can have a comfortable bathroom….