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Three Dimensional Dome Audio

, The involvement of the audience, as if he were in the middle of the frenetic stage musical. Or like being part of a scene of a movie, especially a movie that has a lot of bearing three-dimensional sound engineering three-dimensional or 3D. One of the most unique is the work that introduced electronic giant LG. The South Korean company is introducing an enhanced three-dimensional sound with audio dome technology. Posts 3D audio complements…


Building a Healthy Home – Indoor Air Circulation And Settings Space Based Solar Part II

Continue from previous post Exposure As with air circulation  lighting in the room should be rooted in natural light. So in addition to healthy can also save energy. No need to turn on the lights in the daytime. However we are fortunate to live in a region rich in sunshine throughout the year. Aside from being a source of vitamin D, sunlight can also be used to kill several types of fungi and bacteria is negative. Natural light (which comes from…