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Three Dimensional Dome Audio

…processors connected via a set of 3D video file format option in the Video On Demand (VOD) and various other applications in it. Included in the suite of applications on the feature, users can enjoy a variety of live music videos along with latest news from a variety of musical groups from South Korea (K-Pop) favorite. This can occur through the application called K-Pop Zone. Through Smart Share feature also a convenience for home theater us…


Choosing Paint Colors For Your Home

…loor, walls and furniture, white fused at the ceiling, doors and window frames, will bring the atmosphere of dusk (sunset), a peaceful and quiet that provide a calming effect on the family room or bathroom. Modern Bedroom for Kids The color gradation of green often used to reinforce the impression of fresh and experienced in homes, especially in the living room, dining room or back porch. This can be reinforced by the arrangement of the park or g…


Home Decorating With Flowers

…ange flower. The color pink also provide peace of mind and frees you from anger. While the white color is a symbol of purity but also provide peace in your heart. Various media can be decorated such as tables, walls, lighting chinese lanterns, and other media. You want to create a creative space that can be looked relaxed and casual, and if you want such an atmosphere can be inspired by the nuances of casual bali shirt….