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Building a Healthy Home – Indoor Air Circulation And Settings Space Based Solar Part II

…east to west for 12 hours every day. Abundant light it can bring many benefits to humans, including at home. But if not handled and used properly, the sunlight it will cause discomfort because of the potential to increase the temperature inside the room. For that there are several ways that can be used to determine the position of the space and openings based on the direction of sunlight. Plan Houses a. Bedroom In order for the morning sun can ge…


Build Residence Character With Tropical Modern Houses

…out a plain wooden frame, saving the cost of construction, but capable of displaying the beauty of the building. The wall is covered with plants to muffle the noise, absorb pollutant gases, retaining solar radiation, and cool temperature in the room. Limited land and the consequences of encouraging the development of land woke grass roofs replace conventional roofing. The presence of trees serves to filter incoming sunlight excess (to reduce heat…


Healthy Environment For Your Home

…ed by large shade trees that grow optimally, which follow the topography of land surrounding natural topography, availability of neighborhood parks with attractive design. Living in a tropical country like Indonesia, with hot temperatures and high humidity throughout the year, would not want to acquire a house and a shady neighborhood. Shade not only to take refuge in the house, but how to create shade in the environment around our own homes. Tro…