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Three Dimensional Dome Audio

…t speakers filled the room. whole fully supported completeness presence sound field expansion feature that delivers home theater sound output to meet the plane attached to the floor space. Operation allows users to feel the direction of the sound coming from underneath. While the analyzer features 3D Sound audio power requirements analysis to produce an optimal 3D audio nuances. As a result, users will enjoy the feel of the audio from all direc…


Building a Healthy Home – Indoor Air Circulation And Settings Space Based Solar Part II

…the room to prevent damp. Modern Window Treatment Therefore in every room should be made of glass windows that relate to outer space. In determining the magnitude and location of the window, must be considered toward the sun. Direct sunlight from the west will make the room very hot. Use a canopy / overstek windows to shade windows from direct sunlight and keep the ventilation window of splashed when the rainy season. Window glass is one of the b…