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Roof Garden Building

…arly. So we need water spraying can be done manually or automatically. For the planting medium, the formula should be light but has the ability to provide nutrients and moisture. For example, by mixing sand with wood shavings plus a layer of pine bark and manure. The depth of planting medium for grass requires 20 to 30 centimeters, as well as cover crops. Meanwhile, shrubs and small trees require a depth of 60-105 centimeters. A large tree to a d…


Six Easy Tips for Decorating Room

…age to a smaller room. Instead use a wallpaper with a large image and a dark background for a large room. 6. Collect pictures of rooms you like. Often it is difficult to define and create a room that we like in words. See the photo to determine the similarity / resemblance. Is it the same color, same shape, same type of furnitue, etc.. While you can specify one by one, you will be easier to describe and concluded style / style what is right with…