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Building a Healthy Home – Indoor Air Circulation And Settings Space Based Solar

…other air vent, and so vice versa. With the pressure difference inside and outside the building, the airflow will not be ‘stuck’ in the house, which causes the house feels stuffy and hot. The other way can also be done by creating a garden that accompanied void in the home, garden and voids inside the house will help the air circulation in the middle of the room in the house which is quite far from areas of the wall. If the use of ven…


Roof Garden Building

…ng to activity on the roof garden. For example, 400 kg/m2 for sports, 500 kg/m2 to party and dance, and 250 kg/m2 for restaurants. To plant a large tree, the location must be supported slab to slab concrete structural columns do not collapse. In addition, the retaining wall needs to be made because the trees require adequate soil thickness, or make a hole in the roof of the building, under a tree. Construction roof leak-prone, so it must be equip…