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Changing Room Size Using Color

Black Bedroom Wall Do you want to lower the ceiling / ceiling the room you, without having to hire a builder? Then do not hire a builder, and instead hire a painter. By painting the ceiling of the room you with a dark color, you will automatically see the ceiling / ceiling (the ceiling) seem to be lower. Conversely, if you want to make the ceiling seem higher, paint with light or bright colors .. more white! Apparently this trick is very simple…


Six Easy Tips for Decorating Room

In decorating the room, there are actually many things that must be considered to produce the maximum space and design. You’ll want to concepts, ideas, and the shadow home of your dreams come true. Home interior decoration in accordance with the style and taste, accessories and furniture to your liking until a comfortable atmosphere that makes you want to always be at home. Ideally a job best left to decorate the room and handled by people…