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Healthy Environment For Your Home

…ous places of work and school purposes. How much time it takes to reach the destination routine. At what time the peak-hour traffic congestion usually lasts prone. In addition due to the complexity of urban spatial structure, kekurangcermatan home site selection without considering the subject of transportation can cause a family father, mother, and even children had to leave early (05:30) and arrive the night (21:00) each working day Monday- Fri…


Building a Healthy Home – Indoor Air Circulation And Settings Space Based Solar

…he daytime. Then there is also a window bouvenlicht, namely glass windows with 2 blades that have a gap between them that allows the exchange of air. Bouvenlicht usually installed in bathrooms or toilets. There are also types Nako glass window with glass blades that can open the lid. In addition, can also be made air vent grille-shaped hole with a composition of horizontal wind on the building wall. Methods to make ventilation holes also vary by…