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Choosing a Design House For The Residents Character

…ign house will always change with a dynamic community cultural development. The development of technology and economy have changed the concept of human thinking. When choosing the architectural design of houses you should not tailgate a trend that was loved by the people, because it could be the home design trends that you choose is not in harmony with the character of the inhabitants. Moreover, design trends do not last long and will continue to…


Choosing Paint Colors For Your Home

…ill unify the overall atmosphere of the house. Blend color matching on all parts and contents of the house will result in harmony, both to improve the quality of home health care and its inhabitants. Color selection should be tailored to the needs and functions of each room. Cool color shades of green and blue create a soothing effect on the den, reading room, or bedroom, according to current occupants that need to be “cooled”. Bright…


Tiny Home Artistic Design

…s are straightforward and easy maintenance. Limitations of land to encourage development of small terraced houses. Plan open space and minimal wall, both walls, walls, or doors, make the room feel airy. Merging function space tailored to the needs of residents. Carport, porch, and front gardens functioned as a living room, children’s playground, parking of vehicles, even meeting the neighborhood. Space in the optimized as a family room and…