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Three Dimensional Dome Audio

…isplaying the user as a saw. The effort is what is present in the full-featured 3D Sound Zooming. The presence of this feature is responsible for managing the audio depth corresponding movement of each object on display. By setting the automatic or manual mode, the sound of planes taking off toward the direction the user is able to hear the real approach. “This then build a sound system that brings users as actually being in the middle im…


Building a Healthy Home – Indoor Air Circulation And Settings Space Based Solar Part II

…arpot. The use of bulkhead walls made of glass or glass block can also be categorized as a component of the lighting, as well as one of the many architectural ornament applied to the design of modern homes today. Planning and Setting Direction Based on the Sunshine Room We all understand that the sun moves from east to west for 12 hours every day. Abundant light it can bring many benefits to humans, including at home. But if not handled and used…