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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for http:// The privacy of our visitors to http:// is important to us. At http://, we recognize that privacy of your personal information is important. Here is information on what types of personal information we receive and collect when you use and visit http://, and how we safeguard your information. We never sell your personal information to third parties. Log Files As with most other websites, we collect and use the data conta…


Roof Garden Building

…ype of plant shrubs to be planted, he take into account the roof load will increase about 650 kg/m2. In addition to live load according to activity on the roof garden. For example, 400 kg/m2 for sports, 500 kg/m2 to party and dance, and 250 kg/m2 for restaurants. To plant a large tree, the location must be supported slab to slab concrete structural columns do not collapse. In addition, the retaining wall needs to be made because the trees require…


Choosing Paint Colors For Your Home

…ile, some are wearing the color combination of green moss and gray make a house look cool and shady. Front garden seems to balance the natural elements of the structure of house building. Accent color used as a focal point of vision for a space. The selected color is a contrasting color from the dominant color in the room. If a living room, family room, and dining room dominated by bright colors of maroon, yellow, ivory or orange, then cool accen…