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Tiny Home Artistic Design

…e tailored to the needs of residents. Carport, porch, and front gardens functioned as a living room, children’s playground, parking of vehicles, even meeting the neighborhood. Space in the optimized as a family room and dining room. The function of the family room, study room, and children’s bedrooms can also be placed on the upper floor to the roof gutter (Attic). Garden and patio used as an open dining room, family room, and childre…


Choosing Paint Colors For Your Home

…er. For example, parents’ master bedroom, den or living room can choose the colors soft and cool, while the children’s bedroom, playroom and study, utilizing bright colors are bright cheerful. For the family room, dining room, and kitchen is a blend of soft colors and warm or it can also wear the colors of the earth that is more neutral. Clean Interior Effect of natural and artificial light sources on color appearance should be consi…


Build Residence Character With Tropical Modern Houses

…etween spaces that make the circulation chamber liquid was flowing from front to back until the top. Joint space is provided as a mixing of various multifunctional activities, such as living room and family room, living room, dining room and kitchen, living room and study together. The advantages of modern tropical house accommodating to tropical climate makes the house feel more alive and warm. Blend of architectural wisdom (traditional), tropic…