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Three Dimensional Dome Audio

, The involvement of the audience, as if he were in the middle of the frenetic stage musical. Or like being part of a scene of a movie, especially a movie that has a lot of bearing three-dimensional sound engineering three-dimensional or 3D. One of the most unique is the work that introduced electronic giant LG. The South Korean company is introducing an enhanced three-dimensional sound with audio dome technology. Posts 3D audio complements…


Australian Youth Social Media Addiction

…cebook page constantly. I see the whole picture., And even when he was standing next to another girl in a photograph, I’ll try to find out about the girl.” Natalie admits that the day he spent nearly eight hours on Facebook, and according to media reports network News Ltd, Australia more and more young people behave like Natalie. “I stopped living in the real world.” Natalie continued. “I can not concentrate at…