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Roof Garden Building

…ded. A private hospital in Singapore succeeded in reducing electricity consumption by 50 percent, after making a garden on the roof (roof garden). Although the roof garden is just a tomato plant, which is placed in the pot to cover the entire roof. Another advantage, the hospital did not have to buy tomatoes anymore. In addition to the shade, the garden on the roof (roof garden) can also be used to absorb toxic gases. For example, bamboo or palm…


Healthy Houses With Home Park Inside

…he day. Plan Houses lengthwise The size of the park does not need too big, just provide space to taste, about 1 mx 1m, 1 mx 2 m or 2 x 2 m. Which must be considered is the park directly connected with the air outside, without cover, not roofed. If you happen tampias worry when it rains, use of fiber roof that passed the light, and give a large cavity for air circulation. Park in the home does not have to be filled by the plant / vegetation is too…