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Choosing Paint Colors For Your Home

…n, frustration and tension at home. Before determining the color of choice, first consider who will use that space, how old is the average user, and how the general character of each family member. For example, parents’ master bedroom, den or living room can choose the colors soft and cool, while the children’s bedroom, playroom and study, utilizing bright colors are bright cheerful. For the family room, dining room, and kitchen is a…


Town House Minimalist for Modern Residence Character

…ly with the empty spaces (little ornaments and furniture). Minimum to be objective as well as ornament itself is simple and pure. Straight lines, smooth planes sometimes rough, and meeting areas elbow perpendicular. Blocking mass, materials, lighting, repetition, circulation compact, multifunctional space and sequential optimization. The use of efficient, practical, lightweight but sturdy, and high-tech. Plain or textured exposed concrete on the…