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Six Easy Tips for Decorating Room

…color to camouflage the dirt. 3. Make the paint to minimize flaws and highlight the advantages of the room. For example: bright colors to make the room look great. Dark color to make the room feel comfortable (cozy). 4. Put a picture / painting as high as your eye could see. With my level of eye hanging, painting / drawing will be more enjoyable. This also will make the painting more harmonious with the sofa or chair. 5. Use a wallpaper and custo…


Australian Youth Social Media Addiction

ADELAIDE , young Australian Citizens are increasingly turning to hypnotherapy to treat addiction to social media. “It started when I broke up with my girlfriend,” said Natalie, 22. “Since then, I checked my Facebook page constantly. I see the whole picture., And even when he was standing next to another girl in a photograph, I’ll try to find out about the girl.” Natalie admits that the day he spent nearly eight…


Tiny Home Artistic Design

…TURE For example for the dinner table. Use a small dining table and placed against the wall with 4 chairs. Chairs used better puff so that the impression of wider space. Use also coffee table and credenza are small. FURNITURE PICK memorable LIGHTER Do not choose the furniture that “heavy” and thick. Find furniture that was thin and shape the framework, not the field. Examples for credenza tv, choose furniture with legs, do a full up t…