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Building a Healthy Home – Indoor Air Circulation And Settings Space Based Solar Part II

…es from the sun) which came into the room to clean the room at once warm the room to prevent damp. Modern Window Treatment Therefore in every room should be made of glass windows that relate to outer space. In determining the magnitude and location of the window, must be considered toward the sun. Direct sunlight from the west will make the room very hot. Use a canopy / overstek windows to shade windows from direct sunlight and keep the ventilati…


Tiny Home Artistic Design

…all. Choose colors so bright and impressive young broad. Maximize SAVING PLACE Use the furniture for maximum storage. For example, make the drawers under the bed, bedside table that can store goods, credenza that can load the magazines and all other furniture. With plenty of storage would reduce the stuff that was left lying and if charcoal multiply no need to create more storage place. CREATE FINAL IMPRESSIONS Do not leave blank wall is too big….