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Town House Minimalist for Modern Residence Character

Urban lifestyle that tends to be the basis of practical and efficient design minimalist home is still much in demand. Various forms of building houses, shops, hotels, to apartments takes the form of a minimalist as consumer appeal. Form follows function. Minimalist modern home comes with a character more clearly (the shape and geometric space, simple), better (solid), and more ly with the empty spaces (little ornaments and furniture). Minimum to…


Choosing Paint Colors For Your Home

When you looked at a house, first thing that attracts your attention is the color (color scheme) that house, and then design architecture of the building. As one of the main components of a house, the color also brings the influence of both the poor quality of houses, design houses and buildings look attractive, and space characters that affect the psychiatric residents. Research shows that the selection of the appropriate house colors can give…


Three Dimensional Dome Audio

, The involvement of the audience, as if he were in the middle of the frenetic stage musical. Or like being part of a scene of a movie, especially a movie that has a lot of bearing three-dimensional sound engineering three-dimensional or 3D. One of the most unique is the work that introduced electronic giant LG. The South Korean company is introducing an enhanced three-dimensional sound with audio dome technology. Posts 3D audio complements…