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Australian Youth Social Media Addiction

ADELAIDE , young Australian Citizens are increasingly turning to hypnotherapy to treat addiction to social media. “It started when I broke up with my girlfriend,” said Natalie, 22. “Since then, I checked my Facebook page constantly. I see the whole picture., And even when he was standing next to another girl in a photograph, I’ll try to find out about the girl.” Natalie admits that the day he spent nearly eight…


There are no BlackBerry 10 Budget This Year?

…ryZ10 and Q10. Sweetheart , it probably will not be realized in the near future. Therefore, based on interviews with a number of officials TechRadar BlackBerry, the company is not interested in releasing 10 cheap BlackBerry phones this year. “We (BlackBerry 10) will not enter the entry-level segment to some time, which is obviously not this year, “said managing director Stephen Bates BlackBerry Europe. The BlackBerry assessing…