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Healthy Environment For Your Home

jaj, public transportation (public transportation), minibuses, intercity buses, to trains. Hangout, shadow terminal, terminal or station and the scheduled departure time to ensure the vehicle please note the departure time to go and return to the workplace or school that requires timeliness. For those of you who have a personal vehicle needs to learn the main line routes, alternate routes, and mice shortest path leading to the various places of w…


Building Healthy and Comfortable Bathroom

Do you want or perhaps are building a bathroom? What first comes to mind when you want to build or renovate a bathroom? The first, and absolute, is the guarantees of privacy and health. Construction bathroom must also be sturdy. Second, the comfort when you are in it. Third, access to the bathroom it should be easily accessible by all residents. These are the basic criteria of the public. Still there are some additional measures, such as what de…


Building a Healthy Home

…ty of health of the household through home design he made. To determine the design of houses in the process of development is, of course architect position can not be released. The role of architects who design houses offer a good fit with the ability of home owners, should be equated with the role of prospective residents who have health awareness. Both are equal and parallel, because the house that meets the requirements of healthy, also means…