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Changing Room Size Using Color

kearahmu, color field wall with a dark color. If you have a rectangular shaped room (rectangular) and you want to impress shaped square (four square), at the end of the wall of small / short you paint with a dark color .. As for length dindng you paint with bright colors. This will make the size of the room look more symmetrical. If you want to create a comfortable room, choose darker colors that warm. This will create a mood / impression of the…


Six Easy Tips for Decorating Room

…because the decor is neutral match any decor. If you have children or pets, choose a carpet that is easy to clean and color to camouflage the dirt. 3. Make the paint to minimize flaws and highlight the advantages of the room. For example: bright colors to make the room look great. Dark color to make the room feel comfortable (cozy). 4. Put a picture / painting as high as your eye could see. With my level of eye hanging, painting / drawing will be…