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Town House Minimalist for Modern Residence Character

…htweight but sturdy, and high-tech. Plain or textured exposed concrete on the walls of the house, wide glass windows a little, or no connection. Frame buildings of concrete to steel. The roof of clay tiles, shingles, to steel plate. Staircase and rope suspended from plate steel, lightweight concrete, to the folding stairs. Plain wood without ornament, only polished or painted, still widely used for frames and doors and windows. Frame of durable a…


There are no BlackBerry 10 Budget This Year?

Two BlackBerry 10 is the first handset models high-end with high prices that may be beyond the reach of most consumers pockets. For these users, the expectations tasting new flagship BlackBerry platform also relies on the model entry-level BlackBerry Curve sort who will come after BlackBerryZ10 and Q10. Sweetheart , it probably will not be realized in the near future. Therefore, based on interviews with a number of officials TechRada…


Tiny Home Artistic Design

…artistic home does not require expensive materials. The wall is of brick and stone walls of exposed brick with a settlement or a combination of stucco or kamprotan with careful workmanship and neat, or can also use the steel plate wall. Ceramic KW-2, KW-3, or a unique terrazzo also not less interesting beautify the house floor. Ketidakpresisian material can still be disiasati by nat-nat wide. The contents should be versatile home furnishings, ac…