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Where World “Pain” Most in the World?

…economy ranks only 11 (UN version), to issue criminal sites apparently this country has more capabilities and is able to pass economic rank,” wrote Alfons in the official press release on Thursday (06/12/2012). Although entry into the top four states with the best economy, the Japanese proved to have very good results in problems malware . The state ranks only 19th for this malware problem. If you want to search for, whether the language o…


4 Ways to Avoid Cyber ​​Crime

…ccounts compromised compared with bank accounts who can actually make users lose money? “E-mail contains a lot of information work, billing statement , personal photos, and much more. many loopholes (evil) which can be entered only through e- mail, “said Nurtika. To prevent crime happening in the virtual world, such as the e-mail account dibobolnya, Norton has a few simple tips. Some of them are: 1. Create password complex. Do no…