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Building a Healthy Home – Indoor Air Circulation And Settings Space Based Solar

…m  which is a natural cross-ventilation system (cross ventilation), on cross-ventilation air circulation system arranged in such a way that can flow from one point of the air vents toward the point of another air vent, and so vice versa. With the pressure difference inside and outside the building, the airflow will not be ‘stuck’ in the house, which causes the house feels stuffy and hot. The other way can also be done by creating a ga…


Choosing Paint Colors For Your Home

…f natural and artificial light sources on color appearance should be considered. Sunlight (the colors) or light (white / yellow) to the colors will produce the effect of different colors, in the morning, afternoon, evening or night. The selected color will affect the impression of a small room and looked the building. Dark colors will make the room feel limited tend to narrow. Instead bright colors give the impression of more widespread. Earth co…