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4 Ways to Avoid Cyber ​​Crime

Avoid Cyber ​​Crime : According to Norton Cybercrime Report 2012 Internet users fear the e-mail account hacked. This was disclosed by Rita Nurtika, Consumer Sales Manager, Indonesia, Norton by Symantec, Based on the results of a survey conducted to 13,018 internet users aged 18 to 64 years, 27 percent said they worry about e-mails they infiltrated. Interestingly, only 15 percent of respondents who claimed to worry if their bank accounts compromi…


Where World “Pain” Most in the World?

…e of 42.03 percent. There Germany at position 2 with an infection rate of 7.3 percent, followed by China with an infection rate of 5.84 percent. While in position 4 which is economically occupied by Japan, apparently taken by Russia with infection rate of 5.79 percent. “This shows down although the Russian economy ranks only 11 (UN version), to issue criminal sites apparently this country has more capabilities and is able to pass economic r…


Three Dimensional Dome Audio

…logy. Posts 3D audio complements writing about Audio System, published on Monday (26/11) in the print edition of Compass Extra Hobbies. A voice data processing technology development is increasingly complex in the middle of rush HiFi audio system of small size. On this occasion Compass also tried BH9520TW LG home theater audio technology 3D sound 9.1 (nine speakers and one subwoofer amplifier bass). Technology with the world’s first sound…