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Roof Garden Building

…eginning, before the building was constructed. However, this investment can come back in a few years later, because the cost of electricity is reduced air conditioning, and building economic value added. A private hospital in Singapore succeeded in reducing electricity consumption by 50 percent, after making a garden on the roof (roof garden). Although the roof garden is just a tomato plant, which is placed in the pot to cover the entire roof. An…


Building Healthy and Comfortable Bathroom

…Glass is also very varied and not broken. 3. Place two flowers or perfumes in the bathroom corner’ll appear fresh atmosphere. 4. For a small bathroom, the light used should be bright enough to give the impression of the net. As for the larger bathroom, lighting can be adjusted with the desire. 5. Use the ceramic for the wall surface is smooth, so easy to clean and does not capture the dirt. While ceramics for over rough floors. Avoid using…