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Tiny Home Artistic Design

…lose to the water pump so that the long term can contaminate ground water. For that purpose, to consider re-placement of septic tanks collectively diverted in the gardens of the environment. Structuring very practical kitchen together with dining room or on the patio (open dining room.) General concept of the home provides a bedroom and bathroom attendants in the rear, under, or over near room service, washing, and drying. Now the design room ser…


Build Residence Character With Tropical Modern Houses

…liquid was flowing from front to back until the top. Joint space is provided as a mixing of various multifunctional activities, such as living room and family room, living room, dining room and kitchen, living room and study together. The advantages of modern tropical house accommodating to tropical climate makes the house feel more alive and warm. Blend of architectural wisdom (traditional), tropical, fulfilling the needs of modern life, as wel…