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Three Dimensional Dome Audio

…bass). Technology with the world’s first sound zooming is actually also applied to the model BH9320H. “Home Theater 3D Sound Zooming is present as a result of LG innovations to continue to provide the best audio video system,” said Erwin Kurniawan, Audio Video Product Marketing PT. LG Electronics Indonesia. Through four floorstanding speakers slim (tallboy), two in front and two behind, forming a dome audio. At the summit, th…


Healthy Houses With Home Park Inside

Modern Courtyard build house in narrow land often make some room in the house did not fully get the lighting and fresh air / natural. As a result some of the room was dark and stuffy, so light and air conditioning must be kept lit at all times .. This method is best avoided, because in addition to unhealthy, electrical energy consumption is also a wasteful .. This contrasts with the issues that go green these days we often hear. Several types of…


There are no BlackBerry 10 Budget This Year?

…rs of the company’s long then abandoned once the new model began to emerge. “It’s important for us to show that we do not leave BB7. we launched Voice BBM connected with BB10, where we also added features video and screen sharing ,” said Bates. According to BlackBerry, BB7 devices are the mainstay of corporate as governments and financial institutions. The parties are said to still continue to buy the BB7. Prior to…