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Healthy Environment For Your Home

If you will buy or build a house in the near future, you should think through and consider several factors. Some of these factors are: strategic housing location, ease of accessibility and transportation to and from routine destinations, such as markets, shopping centers, workplaces, places of worship, schools, or hospitals. For those of you who choose to home in locations scattered housing in the suburbs and rely on public transportation, consi…


Roof Garden Building

…ystem that works well. If the type of plant shrubs to be planted, he take into account the roof load will increase about 650 kg/m2. In addition to live load according to activity on the roof garden. For example, 400 kg/m2 for sports, 500 kg/m2 to party and dance, and 250 kg/m2 for restaurants. To plant a large tree, the location must be supported slab to slab concrete structural columns do not collapse. In addition, the retaining wall needs to be…