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Healthy Environment For Your Home

If you will buy or build a house in the near future, you should think through and consider several factors. Some of these factors are: strategic housing location, ease of accessibility and transportation to and from routine destinations, such as markets, shopping centers, workplaces, places of worship, schools, or hospitals. For those of you who choose to home in locations scattered housing in the suburbs and rely on public transportation, consi…


Decorating the Family Room and Living Room Size

Small Size Living Room redisign or renovate (change shape) one family room and living room are small is a challenge. Do you live in an apartment or a landed house, decorating the family room and small living room requires careful planning, creativity, and a good imagination. What is difficult? not really, if you consider my proposals, you will see there are many options to decorate a family room and living room are small. Select and use a type o…


Building a Healthy Home

Health House House and health are two things that are an integral part in the life of modern society today. That’s why housing construction continues to be associated with health requirements. That is for residents of the house protected from various diseases, especially infectious diseases. Health is no longer just a doctor problem, designers / architects who planned to stay home also has a role to improve the quality of health of the hou…