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Choosing a Design House For The Residents Character

You are planning to build a house in the near future?  Not a few people who suddenly feel ‘dizzy’ when they wanted to build a house. It was, so many things that piled met the head. From about the fund, design architecture, builders, building material prices are skyrocketing, up to minor matters such as choosing tile motif floor. FUNDS So as not to freak out like that, then you need to do proper preparation. The main thing you need to…


Building Healthy and Comfortable Bathroom

…of water (floor drain), so that no stagnant water in the bathroom. 8. Avoid using too frequent use of acid to clean the bathroom floor for the sake of environmental sustainability. If some of these additional criteria can be met, it seems you can have a comfortable bathroom….


Building a Healthy Home

…hrooming of housing-housing development in suburban areas by the developer (the developer). Even the beauty aspect of culture and luxury has its own meaning, but when viewed from the point of health, healthy home is not being met or not depends on two things mentioned above. Based on the statements of American Public Health Association (1959), one house is seen in accordance with the principles of health if it meets four basic requirements. – Fir…