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Tiny Home Artistic Design

…the gypsum. We just need to make shelves in it and make the door only to minimize the cost of making furniture. The inside of the cabinet to make it more sweet-coated wallpaper. USE OF SMALL-SIZE FURNITURE For example for the dinner table. Use a small dining table and placed against the wall with 4 chairs. Chairs used better puff so that the impression of wider space. Use also coffee table and credenza are small. FURNITURE PICK memorable LIGHTER…


Three Dimensional Dome Audio

, The involvement of the audience, as if he were in the middle of the frenetic stage musical. Or like being part of a scene of a movie, especially a movie that has a lot of bearing three-dimensional sound engineering three-dimensional or 3D. One of the most unique is the work that introduced electronic giant LG. The South Korean company is introducing an enhanced three-dimensional sound with audio dome technology. Posts 3D audio complements…


Where World “Pain” Most in the World?

…ery good results in problems malware . The state ranks only 19th for this malware problem. If you want to search for, whether the language of the causes of high malware problem in a country? “Not as well as China and Korea who have a language with kanji still ranks high. Was it because of security implementation at sites in Japan better than other countries? It has become an interesting phenomenon to be studied, “said Alfons. If in…